studio update: winter 2012


I started this year’s work with a large piece of paper, a jar of graphite powder, an array of pencils, and a vintage image of a young woman with darkly rimmed eyes wearing a shaggy fur- lined brocade coat.  I gradually turned her into half-lamb, represented her garment out of bits of torn paper, and decided her coat seemed fit for a king; a regal but tattered robe of sorts.  I entitled the drawing Emperor’s New Clothes, from the Hans Christian Andersen story I’ve always loved. When I was in college, Sinead O’Connor’s song of the same title was often turned up loud in my studio while I was painting.

As the year comes to a close, I am now working on a 48″ tondo depicting a scene from the movie “Gone With The Wind” that started as a screen shot that I took with my iPhone.  Scarlett’s hands morph into talons as she conducts a shrewd business deal, meaning to suggest a kind of violence that belies the image and this particular moment in American history.

My work over the last year has mainly exemplified my interest in the feral heroine and metamorphosis, and grappling with the liminal space between beast and human.  Our personal stories, as well as our collective universal histories can be easily forgotten.  I’ve always felt the desire to try and recall both the light and the dark – and this time of year is full of remembering for most of us.  Let us not forget where we came from and what art makes us think about and consider – perhaps from a different space and spoken with a language that we are unaccustomed to.

Looking forward to a prosperous, prolific 2013. You can see some of my new work in Atlanta in January….(read more below)

ucross foundation

Studio View                                        Road to Studio from Schoolhouse Lodge

I spent 2 weeks this fall at the amazing Ucross Foundation in Clearmont, WY.  I first heard about Ucross last winter from my friend and fellow VCCA resident, poet Peter Ramos, who encouraged me to apply for a residency there.  Being familiar with the feel of the West, having visited almost every western state over the last couple of decades, the idea of spending a couple weeks in the remote high plains of Wyoming appealed to me.  My expectations were more than met once there; it is an incredible place that houses 9 visual artists, writers, and composers at a time and gives each an opportunity to focus on the work at hand without distraction, but with great support and nourishment in every way.  I went there with the idea that I would work on a large work on paper, but instead, I found myself creating several small 10″ drawings and 8″ paintings.  At the end of each day my eyes were red and tired from working on these small detailed pieces, but my mind and my soul were wide awake.  While there, I connected with the natural world, and also with some of the other residents who I plan to visit in their home studios in 2013.

2012 exhibitions


From left top to bottom right:
Be Kind Spitfire Burning | Aim
graphite on paper mounted to canvas, 10 x 10 inches each

Re-Collections | Five Artists respond to the L.P. Grant Mansion

show dates: January 11 – February 16, 2013 | opening reception: Friday, January 11 | artist talks: Saturday, January 26

Recollections is a collaborative project between {Poem88} and the Atlanta Preservation Center.  Archival materials including photographs and written accounts available through the Atlanta Preservation Center serve as source materials for five {Poem88} artists, Jon Ciliberto, EK Huckaby, Al Mathews, Sharon Shapiro and Nancy VanDevender, who each have created bodies of work in response. For instance, the mansion’s use as a Confederate hospital and Margaret Mitchell’s later involvement with the Grant home have provided inspiration for some of these new works.  Infused with the hallmarks of their own oeuvre, artists created anew architectural renderings, portraits, period wallpapers, sound pieces and paintings.

Curated by Robin Bernat, Owner/Curator, {Poem88}. A portion of all sales will benefit the Atlanta Preservation Center.

BOUND A Women’s Caucus for Arts Exhibition

My mixed media drawing, Lot’s Wife  was chosen by Cora Rosevear, Associate Curator at MoMAfor the upcoming catalogue for Bound. If you are in NYC in February, you can view this Women’s Caucus for Arts exhibition which will be held at the Phoenix Gallery. In this series, I combined figures with places from my past, layering mylar and vellum with graphite and marker; playing with complexity, depth and hard and soft lines.

Description: Lot’s Wife, 2007, graphite on vellum and marker on mylar, 26 x 24 inches



from left to right: Name Dropper | Shiner | Four Letter Word
acrylic on aqua-board, 8 x 8 inches each

For last minute end-of-days gifts, I am offering the above smaller works on sale for 20% off through December 31, 2012. Each of these 8 x 8 panels was created during one of my two 2012 residencies.

Regular prices: $550 for one, $500 each for 2, $450 each for 3.

Sale prices: $440 for one, $800 for 2, and $1,080 for three.



I am so pleased that among the works sold this year, two of my favorite larger pieces have found new collections. Ease (which was included in my 2011 solo exhibition, “California” [above left]), and Tar and Feathers [above right].

As always, please visit my website for more images and information and stay tuned for an announcement about my new site, which will be launched within the Winter of 2013.

Warmest wishes,